the “18th birthday”

Being the girl who always gets excited when it comes to birthdays, I had started thinking about my birthday for almost a month. I mean obviously, my “18th birthday”. The current COVID-19 situation was so unpredictable, it was so difficult to decide if I would be able to actually go out or not. there were a lot of emotions which were felt during my birthday week. People in my family were sick, the government kept issuing new guidelines every other day and the amount of cases had a massive increase. I was kind of upset in the beginning about everything since birthdays mean a lot to me but as the days passed by, I had accepted the fact that it was completely okay and I started looking at the positives instead. 

It was a day before my birthday, I wasn’t feeling what I felt every year but nevertheless, I dressed up a little. I then received an email from a university stating that I had been accepted. I started screaming and I was so happy and overwhelmed. Probably one of the best pre-birthday gifts. Later, a few of my closest friends met me and surprised me at 12. I wasn’t expecting anyone to make it but they did and it did feel super special. I cut my cake, unwrapped a few gifts given to me by my parents and after a while all my friends left. I had so many wishes from everyone, my family, my friends and all my loved ones. I was overwhelmed. 

My day started pretty late. Had to obviously have a good birthday beauty sleep ;). With the guidelines and the situation at that moment, there was not much that I could do but my parents did everything to make it one of the most memorable days of my life. They booked a room for me in one of the hotels a little away from our home. After having lunch at home, I went to the hotel with my best friend. We checked in and dad had asked them to decorate the room and keep. It was a surprise for me and it was not something I had expected. I was feeling really grateful at that moment. I, then, quickly changed into my birthday dress, put on some makeup, and I unwrapped the gifts my friends had sent for me. All of them couldn’t make it to meet me in person but the gifts they sent were pretty cute. I cut the cake there, clicked a few pictures and then went down to the beach to see the beautiful sunset. We had a takeaway, went back to the hotel room and I enjoyed every bite of my favourite dish while watching the IPL match. I video called two of my other closest friends since they were not physically present with me. Both my best friend and I stayed up the night talking, dancing to music and munching. We barely slept. Woke up to a very content heart. An 18 year old girl, finally! Had a very delicious breakfast in the morning, had a warm bath in the tub, got ready and returned home with a lot of memories.

Honestly, I had a lot of things to learn this birthday. Learned the importance of family, friends, life and all those little things which we generally never valued but started valuing once they are taken away from us.

Never felt this grateful. My heart was full.

If you have been reading till now, thank you so much. This is my first post on my blog and I would love to hear your thoughts. Do tell me about how you celebrated your 18th birthday:)

23 thoughts on “the “18th birthday”

  1. Kalpesh Sanghavi says:

    Too good Mahek , keep it up .
    Life is about being happy with what you have , wherever you are , being satisfied and contended with all the things .
    Thank God for all the happiness & Pray God to be a good human being .

    God bless all of us ?

  2. Arnav Rosia says:

    Wow mahek , you really are a good writer. Keep it up. It’s very difficult to capture happiness in life and write about it leaving no detail. Your blog was a delight

  3. Drishi Jain says:

    I love that I could be small part of this day. The fact that you feel fulfilled makes me happy! So we’ll written, I’m proud of you. Much love ❤️

  4. Ahan says:

    This is one of the best things I could have read..glad to know that you have started blogging and I hope you continue it… reading this made me happy knowing that someone who is my bestf had one of the best birthday’s ever. Looking forward to reading more blogs…very happy for you and this new initiative and journey that you have embarked on…love and support always?

  5. Mahima says:

    WOW very well written! So glad that you had a wonderful birthday and made the most of the situation. Looking forward to more of your blogs❤

  6. Dhruv says:

    This is too good mahek and the way you captured each and every moment of your birthday is just amazing. So happy that you had a wonderful birthday. The way you depicted that there is always something good in bad was awesome. Keep writing!

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