suits – a review

This lockdown has given me a lot of time to catch up on series and movies on the OTT platform. One of my favourites is Suits. Do read on for a series that I suggest you should watch! Incase you have watched it, do still give a read to my perspective and drop in yours as well in the comments down below:)

Suits is an American legal drama television series. It is set at a fictional law firm, named “Pearson Hardman” in New York City.

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) works for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) as a lawyer even though he does not have a lawyer degree. Both these men work on cases together and ace all of them while keeping their secret safe. 

The entire series comprises 9 seasons where the first episode was premiered on 23rd June, 2011 and the last episode premiered on 25th September, 2019.

Suits, for me, is a very sharp-witted, bold, knowledgeable and an immensely entertaining show. The characters are established very solidly and this is an ongoing series but not a criminal drama show. 

This story is about how a very successful law firm is managed by Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) who manages the top notch lawyers of the city. The senior partner, Harvey Specter gets to choose an associate for himself and chooses Mike Ross, a boy who had dropped out of college, had a photographic memory, wrote tests for other people and got caught and fell into marketing of drugs as he needed money. But when both of them start working together, they make the best team. They try to keep their secret safe for as long as they can and in the course of their action a lot of other things happen too, their secret spills out at the end and the way they go about with it is also very interesting. The two main lead characters are Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams have really played their roles well and the type of lawyers they’re portrayed as is very bold and confident, setting a great standard for the upcoming lawyers. This is a very engrossing series which makes it more fun. 

The director, Aaron Korsh, has selected the characters well and portrayed them very differently yet beautifully and the cast is worthy of the attention every moment that they are on camera. Every single location where the scenes are filmed is stunning. The way the entire series is shot, it shows that it has a very excellent cinematography and there is expansive development of the story. The dialogues used are very snappy, unclichéd and clever. Each character has his/her way of talking. The entire series is a mix of mystery, humour and legal drama. 

The best part about this series is that any age group will actually enjoy this. Teenagers, adults and even the older generation would love watching. It involves a lot of legal aspects and anyone who is actually interested in this would surely dote this show.

Suits is very inspiring for every person who is aspiring to be a lawyer. This show covers all the legal concepts and explains the life of a lawyer and the everyday challenges faced by him. Would definitely recommend this show.

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